Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby Your Love was Like a Roller Coaster

Baby your love was like a roller coaster.....
Your love was driven smoothly at first, 
your love was innocent and so were we

Time went by........

You brought your love to the top...
I knew in that moment I was your only princess
Your love was unconditionally

Time went by..........

I brought your love to the first bottom of the journey
Take it slow babe... I knew how to fix it, I knew we had time to fix it
because all we knew was forever

Time went by..........

You held my hand, Yeay! Our love was on top again
See? We could make it right darl

Time went by......

"Where are we?", I said. We were so dizzy
Whoops! We were on the vertical loop track.
Many things happened but it felt so fast...or too fast?

Wait....lemme try to remember all the things that we had through on this track

You said you love me and so did I
You said you miss me but I said I don't. You still kept it cool at that time
Yes..I remember that you really knew how to treat your princess well even though she let you down so many times more than she could count with her little fingers
At that time, you didn't know how much your princess proud of you..she just didn't know how to show it

Until that moment...........

I was tired of hearing you said that you love me when half of your heart wasn't there for me
You were tired of hearing me said that I love you when half of my heart wasn't there for you
Hun, we were both tired
But all I knew was I still kept holding on and all you did was give up

Time went by..........

Fiuhhh.. Now we are on the straight track again
And I realize that we already ended up everything
These hearts are become as innocent as the first time we started
At this point we learn about something.....
Letting go :)

Yes darling, once I ever thought that I wish I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things
And if what we had was real how could you be fine? But don't worry dear :)
I'm trying to be F-I-N-E

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