Saturday, October 13, 2012

When God Ran Animated Music Video

Buat kalian yang butuh pencerahan, coba deh nonton animated music video ini.
This is the most touching song ever. Now I realize who always be there for me.. now I know who always wipe my tears. now I know the one who truly love me. His name start with J. Yes.. He is Jesus. My lord, my Savior. without him, I'm nothing in this world. thanks God for all the gifts in my life. I feel blessed. I did mistakes for so many times. but He always forgive me.

"The only time I ever saw Him ran was when He ran to me. He took me in His arms. Held my head to His chest, Said "My Son's come home again!" Lifted my face wiped the tears from my eyes. with forgiveness in His voice, He said "Son do you know I STILL LOVE YOU..?" "