Monday, September 10, 2012

The Story of Us

" many things that I wish you knew. so many walls up I can't break through. Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking. and I'm dying to know is it killing you like its killing me yeah. I don't know what to say since the twist of fate when it all broke down. and the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now..."

"'d we end up this way see me nervously pulling at my clothes and trying to look busy and you're doing your best to avoid me. I'm starting to think one day I'll tell the story of us how I was losing my mind when I saw you here. but you held your pride like you should've held me. Oh I'm scared to see the ending, why we are pretending this is nothing. I'd tell you I miss you but I dont know how. I've never heard silence quite this loud..."

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